Direct Sales

If you are interested in advertising on our websites or in our applications for iOS and Android, you can book a direct sale with us. We will setup the campaign for you in our system. We accept CPC, CPA and revenue share campaigns or if you are interested in placing a larger campaign in a given time frame for a preassigned budget, we can also offer you an exclusive deal.

Advertising Agencies

If you are looking for a long term advertising partnership with us, we can offer you a share of our inventory. This way, you will setup the campaigns in our system yourself. To become an inventory sales partner, you need to enter into an inventory sales agreement with us.

SPIGO® Inventory Sales Agreement

Media Data

Spigo has more than 1,5 million registered users. The user distribution at Spigo is approx. 60/40 women/men.

Please check to find out which countries and languages we support.

For more information about advertising with us, please contact